Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Thursday (10 July 2014) Oral Practice Lesson at LO1

Please bring: 
LD- Shared Google Docs
Rubrics Handouts

1) Group yourselves in 3s according to your seating arrangement.

2) Identify yourselves as #1, #2 and #3 (Candidate, Examiner 1 and Examiner 2 on a rotation basis)

3) Reading Passage and Picture #1 will be given to all candidates and examiners. 10 minutes preparation time will be given to all students.

4) Examiners 1 and 2 will grade and comment on the candidate's performance based on the rubrics.

Repeat the above steps for the next two candidates.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

RHD Project- English Oral Presentation

Each student to produce a 1-minute podcast (Spoken Interaction component) based on the following question:

Social Media is the greatest threat to racial harmony in Singapore. Do you agree?

Date of Submission: Wednesday (9 July 2014)
Marks: 20
Assessment Criteria: Personal Response, Clarity in Expression, PACC (Refer to rubrics)

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Visual Text - Qadirah & Jiawen

The source of this advertisement is Pepsi. Their target audience are general carbonated drinks consumers. Their objectives are to let their audience know that Pepsi is better than Coca Cola.

The image of the Pepsi can wearing a Coca Cola cape with the caption 'We wish you a scary Halloween!' lets the audience know that Pepsi and Coca Cola are competitors. However, if they had to choose between the two, they should choose Pepsi because Coca Cola is 'scary', possibly in terms of nutritional content.

The layout begins with the image of the Pepsi can (because it is usually the first thing that captures one's attention), followed by the caption. The balance of the design is rather simple because it does not contain much text and it only has one outstanding image that can easily tell the audience what they intend to say.

This advertisement would be effective, especially if placed in shopping malls or bus stops. Many people visit shopping malls and bus stops and most are generally consumers of such drinks. If they were to consider purchasing a drink, this advertisement would persuade them to purchase Pepsi.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Visual Text Choon Wee, Karl Luke Sciberras-Lim Okamoto, Alex

The purpose of this advertisement is to discourage people from smoking.

The advertisement does not contain any text but has a strong visual impact. There is a cigarette being burnt and the ashes that are being produced by the cigarette is forming a figure of a human being. The person seems to be crawling and struggling for one's life. This is showing that he is having problems with his health due to the long term effect of smoking. There also seem to be smoke coming off of the person, this is showing that the life of the person is slowly being drained away by the cigarette. Also the grey color represents dullness, showing the situation smokers will experience as they suffer from the side effects of smoking.

Visual Text Analysis - Ethan (16), Jordan (17)


Purpose: To warn smokers about the dangers of smoking and prevent people from smoking.
Audience: Smokers, general public.
Context: A person is smoking. The smoke from his cigarette forms a gun pointed at his head.
Culture: Grim
Effectiveness in achieving intended purpose: The image ties with the text as it depicts a man smoking, and the smoke from the cigarette forming a gun, implying that he is endangering himself. The choice of words are effective as they are short and still manage to convey a message across, which is that smoking could endanger your life. 

Visual Text Analysis

Dear students

As a recap of what you've learnt on visual texts, please work in pairs to select an interesting visual text for pair analysis and complete the following:-
  1. Purpose 
  2. Audience
  3. Context
  4. Culture
  5. Effectiveness in achieving intended purpose by considering
  • image (choice, how it ties in with the text)
  • linguistic features (choice of words, imagery etc consider literal meaning, inferential meaning, evaluative nature)
  • typographical features (fonts, size etc)- if relevant
  • layout - if relevant
Post your completed work with the visual text selected, name and index number on the EL blog.
Work is to be completed by the end of the lesson!


Ms Chua WN

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Topic Sentences- Exercise

Dear S3-07

We had a good discussion on topic sentences today. I hope you found it useful.

Do go into Discussion on Topic Sentences to view the comments I posted on your completed work.
Please remember to complete Exercise 3 of the worksheet for class on Tuesday.

Ms Chua

Monday, 20 January 2014

URL for Selection of Future Problem

Dear S3-07

In selecting the future problem for your Podcasts, you may want to refer to http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/25219 .

Ms Chua

Groupings for EL Lessons

Hi S3-07

Welcome to the class EL blog. We will be using this as a supplement to our EL lessons, so do check regularly and look out for new information.

I have grouped you into Home Groups which we will be using for some of our group work and class discussions.

Group 1: Alyssa, Sanjana, Metta
Group 2: Athiya, Jiawen, Alexandre, Gregory
Group 3: Zhiyong, Chiam Chuen, Ethan
Group 4: Jordan, Choon Wee, Ji Hao
Group 5: Esther, Netraa, Cherlyn, Qadirah
Group 6: Warren, Irfan, Luke, Afif

Happy working together :)

Ms Chua