Monday, 20 January 2014

Groupings for EL Lessons

Hi S3-07

Welcome to the class EL blog. We will be using this as a supplement to our EL lessons, so do check regularly and look out for new information.

I have grouped you into Home Groups which we will be using for some of our group work and class discussions.

Group 1: Alyssa, Sanjana, Metta
Group 2: Athiya, Jiawen, Alexandre, Gregory
Group 3: Zhiyong, Chiam Chuen, Ethan
Group 4: Jordan, Choon Wee, Ji Hao
Group 5: Esther, Netraa, Cherlyn, Qadirah
Group 6: Warren, Irfan, Luke, Afif

Happy working together :)

Ms Chua

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