Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Visual Text - Qadirah & Jiawen

The source of this advertisement is Pepsi. Their target audience are general carbonated drinks consumers. Their objectives are to let their audience know that Pepsi is better than Coca Cola.

The image of the Pepsi can wearing a Coca Cola cape with the caption 'We wish you a scary Halloween!' lets the audience know that Pepsi and Coca Cola are competitors. However, if they had to choose between the two, they should choose Pepsi because Coca Cola is 'scary', possibly in terms of nutritional content.

The layout begins with the image of the Pepsi can (because it is usually the first thing that captures one's attention), followed by the caption. The balance of the design is rather simple because it does not contain much text and it only has one outstanding image that can easily tell the audience what they intend to say.

This advertisement would be effective, especially if placed in shopping malls or bus stops. Many people visit shopping malls and bus stops and most are generally consumers of such drinks. If they were to consider purchasing a drink, this advertisement would persuade them to purchase Pepsi.

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